There's a lot to love about this self-cleaning litter box from Omega Paw. One of the biggest reasons though? It actually cleans itself. Just tilt the box and say goodbye to soiled litter — it's that easy. That's because it comes equipped with a patented grill inside that separates waste and deposits it into a pull-out tray. While it doesn't have the ridiculous convenience of a fully automatic litter box, it's significantly cheaper and definitely a great mid-way point in terms of price if you're looking to up your litter box game without dishing out a fortune in the process. Amazon reviewers also say that it helps to conserve litter and reduce odor saturation into the air, in part because of its unique self-cleaning method. "Super easy to use. Helps reduce odor, easy for anyone to use, and a great price," one reviewer raved.
Let's be honest: the litter box is the only part of owning a cat that, well, stinks. With this cover, you can keep your feline friend happy without compromising on your aesthetic! Crafted from wood, this design sports a streamlined look and features space up top to stage decorative accents. Two doors hide the litter box, while a hole in the side allows your cat to sneak in and do their business. Best of all? It's odor-resistant.

This is a LIFESAVER! I bought it for my bunny who is about 7 pounds and 7 months old. (You can compare his size and the size of the litter box with the red cup from the pic) He kept growing and the old square litter box got too small so his butt will always sticks out when he pees and it mess up the cage.This box turns out to be perfect and he sometimes lays in the box to chill as well. It's pretty deep but he can still hop in really easy and when he digs the beddings it rarely comes out of the litter box. The material of the box makes the dirty wet beddings non-sticky and when I change it i don't have to spend extra time wiping Away sticky beddings from the surface, which I appreciate the most! Highly recommand but please make sure the bunny cage is big enough for the box. (I got my cage from living world and the size is XL)
We will check out the product Littermaid 980 model here. This has got some programming done in it. Here the removal of the waste is done using an automated feature present in it. This has been found to be perfect for the owners who travel a lot, and best suitable for pregnant mothers. This is because of the adjustable programming for removal of the waste found in this.
The Litter-Robot is the biggest litter box we tested, and it’s an eyesore. It looks like a less stylish, cat-sized version of the Men in Black egg-shaped lounge chairs. The litter box measures 30 by 25 by 27 inches and weighs 34 pounds (including the required 10 pounds of kitty litter), so this model isn’t a discreet option for hiding your cat’s business.
Automatic litter boxes also have short warranties when compared against the average lifespan of a cat. The CatGenie, for instance, comes with a two-year warranty—the longest coverage among the machines we tested—but it has frequent breakdown complaints. That’s not very reassuring for a pricey piece of technology that’s responsible for cleaning your litter box without making a mess or harming your cat.
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