How to get coconut oil not to harden

Coconut oil becomes solid at temperatures be low 75 degrees F.

I keep mine in the cupboard and in the summer as the house warms, it will often start to liquefy. The rest of time it’s solid.

My “trick” to having liquid coconut oil almost always is I keep 2 jars. I scoop enough solid from jar #1 to fill jar #2 about 1/4 full which will equal about 1/3 cup of liquid. When I need liquid coconut oil, I put jar #2 in the microwave for about 15 seconds and voila — liquid. I then add more solid to jar #2 for the next time. Eventually, jar #1 will be only about 1/4 full and I now “demote” it to being jar #2 and buy a new jar #1.

Sounds more complicated than it really is! 🙂 Doing this keeps me from liquefying an entire jar over and over again. I just end up re-liquefying a small amount each time.

I don’t know that re-liquefying is a bad thing but not doing is so easy that I figured why not!

Author: RodsCoco